The MIII Approach

Behavior and Environment require “ Orchestration ”. M III Leadership creates hands-on partnerships with executives to build productive workplace environments, thus allowing leaders to focus their intellect and energies on the most value-added initiatives such as, responding to market pressures, being create, driving brilliant execution, and business plan achievement.

The lack of outstanding leadership and organizational effectiveness in today's business cultures is due, in large part, to the lack of knowledge of human dynamics, specifically the lack of strategic culture development for high potential people. Often overlooked, is the impact that fear and insecurity have on behavior, coupled with under-developed interpersonal skills or low emotional intelligence. The resulting product is, significant reduction in productivity and business performance.

M III Leadership aligns individuals and executive team behaviors to a higher level of achievement. This is done by having the leader institute and model two critical behavior policies:

1 .) Each executive is responsible and accountable for the success of ALL co- workers.
2 .) Each executive is assessed by their willingness and capability to behave in a way that optimizes their team.

Simply put: Any executive who is unwilling or incapable of behaving in a way that maximizes individual and team contributions for achieving business results, cannot be on the team.