The Genesis of M III Leadership Enterprises' philosophy came from Founder, Edward A. Meagher, who experienced first hand, through his corporate tenure with PepsiCo, that even the smartest person in the room i.e. - the candidate with the outstanding resume and various degrees from prominent colleges and universities, didn't necessarily make them leaders or team players. Meagher managed “a search for the country's best and brightest business school graduates”. The purpose was to hire these young "intellectual" recruits and have them grow through the THEN "Pepsi Culture" to potentially become presidents of the new brands the company was acquiring. When many of these executives failed in their leadership roles, through several recruitment attempts, it became obvious that people needed to be coached on how to be effective leaders and to manage others in order to be successful.

Our Solution:

COACHING - Leadership is not intuitive for most people. We aren't born with “group survival skills”. We are taught from the time we enter school - early in our development, and throughout the course of our educational careers, that we are rewarded with grades based on individual performance. Therefore , working on a team/as a team is not innate in humans. Thus, leadership must be taught, behavior must be understood, and relationships must be managed at every level.