Why? :

Human beings are not born with “group survival skills”. Sure, most of us are born into a family environment where we learn to live together and take care of those we love, but expectations of us - during our formative years are, for the most part, to perform autonomously. Our educational system not only expects that we learn and succeed as individual contributors, it rewards us for doing so. It’s no wonder then, that the majority of high performing, wildly skilled and intellectually elite people, leave the academic world and are not equipped with the skillsets, values and behaviors to function within a team. THAT is why M III Leadership has been helping business professionals - executives, owners, athletes and even small family businesses, to achieve optimal performance and results through our Leadership and Behavioral Model.

 For the past 21 years, we have partnered with leaders in organizations from all over the globe to align their people, teams and cultures through our methodology, which is deeply rooted in understanding people, team dynamics, complex behaviors and professional relationships. Leadership and Behavioral Alignment is the greatest strategic advantage any company, business or team can have to achieve optimal results. It isn’t enough to hire the “smartest person in the room”, give them a functional role they are qualified to deliver on, and expect them to be the kind of leader that others automatically gravitate toward and want to follow. Professionals, just like athletes, need continuous coaching, feedback, mentoring, and adjustment to meet ever-changing expectations and demands.

 How We Partner With You:

When a company engages M III Leadership for a High Performance Team Workshop or for Personal Coaching, our first objective is to get to know you and your organization. Our Model was created in a way that allows us to take the information we obtain from our clients and customize it in a way that’s personal to their specific people, needs, challenges and current culture. We work with a high degree of care and personal attention because that is who we are and that is what we believe YOU deserve. An investment in M III Leadership will create a work environment that is cohesive, mission-aligned, direct, performance driven and results oriented. A High Performance Workshop brings the largest impact to the most people at one time, and the learning from that workshop becomes actionable immediately; Professional Coaching amplifies the M III Leadership Cultural Competencies by creating individualized plans for execution that creates maximum value for your culture and your company.

 High Performing Team Values:

 LOYALTY NEEDS A MISSION: Individuals will intellectually and behaviorally align and stay aligned to achieve a specific mission…regardless of personality likes and dislikes. This is the responsibility of the LEADER at every level and in every function of the company, starting with your CEO.

 LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT CREATING VOLUNTARY FOLLOWERS: The reason people are inspired to follow is predicated on the belief that they “get something in return”.

 BELIEF CHANGE PRECEDES BEHAVIOR CHANGE: When we are capable of changing our beliefs about our personal success – that is inextricably linked to every other person within the organization, especially our peers and team members, we will change our behaviors to work with others more effectively. When we give others what they need to be successful, we get what we need from them for our own success.

 HIGH PERFORMANCE REQUIRES: Commitment to the mission, vision, and goals of the organization, Accountability to peers AND to the Company. Consequences – what are the consequences of letting the team down? How do we learn to govern ourselves to live up to high-level expectations?

 WORK RULES: 1) You are accountable for your personal success, 2) You are accountable for the success of your stakeholders, 3) You must be willing to subordinate your personal agenda (we all have them), for the benefit of the organizational goals.

 UNWILLING OR INCAPABLE: If you are unwilling or incapable of behaving in a way that optimizes the team, you can’t be on the team.

CORE ELEMENTS OF HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS: Trust, Relationship Building, Coaching and Feedback, Effective Decision-Making.

 THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE AND VALUE: It’s not about what you do; it’s about WHO YOU ARE.

 FEAR AND INSECURITY: Dysfunctional behavior is a direct result of fear and insecurity. How we manage these behaviors is critical in over-coming them.

CONFIDENCE AND CAPABILITY: When leaders learn to balance fear and insecurity with confidence and capability, dysfunctional behavior becomes less prevalent.

PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: M III Leadership teaches that relationship management is an “intellectual” process, NOT an emotional process. We must learn to manage relationships strategically.

 The M III Difference:

 In our experience, most executives need continuous coaching around how to manage relationships for greater effectiveness as individual contributors, leaders and team players, to get the job done. This is not “just another” team building seminar or personal coaching program. Our longevity and experience make us experts in our field.  We provide an executive team experience like no other company.


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